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Garden Planner Roadmap

Last Updated: October 14, 2023

Update (October 14): I've been working slower than before on the Garden Planner. I'm busy on other things, and my hands are recovering from issues I've been having for a while.

Planner work will continue at a slightly slower pace, no more dates are provided as I've realised I am unlikely to meet them once set.

Hey everyone! The Palia Garden Planner started out as a fun little tool for quickly sharing garden layouts w/ crop bonuses. The first experimental release, however, was met with a lot more enthusiasm and support than I expected.

As a result, I'm continuing developing this planner until it reaches a state where I'm happy with it. This roadmap is a list of features I plan to add to the planner in the future.

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Main Goals


A page with a sortable list of garden plans, to help players who need a quick start.

Crafter Support

Currently, the garden planner does not take into account the processing time of the Seed Collector and Preserve Jar.

Crafters will be implemented, with the ability to configure the amount of each crafter, and then display accurate processing data for each crop.

Plot System Rewrite

The re-write will allow plots to be partially connected to each other, which would be in-line with the game's behaviour.

This will expand the planner's capabilities, and will open up the room for more types of gardens.

House Planner

A separate planner for planning the interior of your house.

This will allow you to plan out the major buildings in Palia, letting you experiment with different layouts before you build.

This is a long-term goal, and is unlikely to be implemented for a while.

Other Goals

These are goals that are being considered but are not set in stone. They may be scrapped or ignored depending on how the planner develops.

More Export Options

More export options will be added, particularly to text. Converting the garden to a markdown layout for example, as well as exporting to other garden planners (such as those in google sheets) for users who prefer them when/if possible.

This will likely be included after the plot system re-write.

Link Shorteners

Instead of just the code, the planner could store layouts in a database. This allows for concise links to be generated, which can be shared with others.

This is an uncertain goal, as databases may cost money to host.