New to Gardening?

Feel free to check out Shepp Arenvanya's guide to gardening in Palia!

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How to Use

  1. Click on any of the crops below to select it
  2. Below the buttons is a 3x3 grid garden, with a button to create layouts of different sizes/configurations
  3. With a crop selected, click on any tile in the garden to place the crop on that tile
  4. Right click on a tile to remove the crop from that tile
  5. When finished, you may save your layout as a code or link below the garden
  6. You may load a layout from a code by pasting it in the box below the garden
  7. You may also export the layout as an image for easy sharing, works well for mobile too!
  8. If on mobile, you may check which bonuses are represented by which icon by the visualiser below the garden


Pick a crop or fertiliser to place on the garden.


Fertilisers per Day


Are you on a small screen?

The garden grid is scrollable!


Quality Increase


Harvest Increase


Water Retain


Growth Boost


Weed Prevention
Harvest Approximations (WIP)

Rough estimate of layout gold value

See info for approximation details and limitations

Approximations are still under testing

0 Days —

Pre-lvl. 25

All-star Seeds

Incl. Replant Costs

66% Star Seed Quality

No Fertiliser Costs

Harvest by Day

This tool uses information on crops gathered from resources such as Arenvanya's Gardening Guide and their Math Spreadsheet as well as a mix of observations and testings done by fellow Palians discussed on Discord

Final values are still arbitrary and may not reflect your in-game experience.

How it works (8/9/2023)
  1. The planner estimates crop yields, factoring in [Quality, Harvest] Boosts, and star seed chance of star crops.
  2. Using the provided yields, it calculates the gold value in the form you wish to sell them (Crop/Seed/Preserve)
Assumptions (8/9/2023)
  • Seed/Preserve conversion time is not accounted for.
  • Weed Chance/Speed Growth are not accounted for due to their unreliable or undocumented behaviour.
  • The player harvests crops on the day they are ready.
  • Crops receive daily watering or has Water Retain.
  • Base quality chance for star seeds is 66%, or as specified in the options.
  • At Gardening level 25, star seeds have a 100% quality chance.
  • Cotton Boost/Quality Up Fertiliser increases quality chance to ~66%.
  • Buffs on crops last until the final calculation day.


Save your layout as a code to share with others, load a layout from a code, or export it as an image for instant sharing

Note: Clipboard buttons may not function as intended, if so please manually copy/paste the code



Load Code

Paste the layout code into the text-box then hit 'Load', if the layout-code is valid you will see it in the garden above

Support Versions: v0.1 v0.2


Thank you so much to these people for your information and assistance with the project!

  • Arenvanya (information)
  • st3fannl (assets)
  • Mctalian (code contribution)

I also thank Singularity 6 for developing Palia, and everyone else for using the planner and providing feedback!